my story

"Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies."
                                -Diane Arbus

      I think the best part of my job is knowing how I get to share in my client's memories. With weddings, I get to be a small part of your special day. Capturing moments that will be remembered forever. 
     Kids grow up so fast and pictures from when they were little will be looked back on with joy and a little heartbreak, mostly because they are now taller than you at 14 (see this picture-yeah that kid in the back is 14 and I'm wearing heels!!!).
     Senior and Maternity sessions are wonderful because they both represent someone on the cusp of a major event that will change their life forever. Seniors, will be going off to college, starting a full time job, and some will move away from home. Maternity shoots, to me, represent the love of two people before the third makes an appearance. 
      I love being able to share these moments and everything in between with my clients. Most become friends and I get to photograph moments for them every year. 

hello. I'm Becky.


high school sweethearts

our boys

now after 18 years of marriage

real moments


gorgeous florals

1.) I am in love with Tom Hiddleston. (He plays Loki in the Marvel Universe) So much so, that I made one of my best friends go to New York with me. That weekend centered around going to his play on Broadway, so I could meet him. This photo has been my lock screen ever since (Oct 2019).

2.) I have seen Phantom of the Opera on stage at least 15 times. Including Broadway and once in Baltimore, Maryland. The second place show is Wicked at 6 times.

3.) My top 5 favorite movies are: Steel Magnolias, The Princess Bride, Goonies, Avengers, and Beauty and the Beast (live or animated).

4.) My happy place is the beach. I took this photo of the sunset and my son photobombed me with a peace sign. Now it is one of my favorites. 

5.) I love to read. I am a speed reader. I can usually finish a new book within a day.

6.) I love listening to 90's music. Any kind of 90's music. 

7.) I like to bake and cook. I hate cleaning up though.

8.) I love to take naps. 

9.) I LOVE penguins. My husband surprised me a few years ago with a penguin experience at Newport Aquarium. Then a couple years after that one of best friends surprised me with "Paint with the Penguins" at the Columbus Zoo!!! The painting is hanging above my fireplace in my living room. Mine is the one he's standing on.

10.) Not so much a fact but a story. We were at the beach a couple years ago and noticed a lighting storm across the bay. I grabbed my camera and my husband said, "There is no way you will be able to get a picture of this" I said, "Oh yeah I will." This is what I got. 

Here are 10 things that I think you should know about me.

 snapshots of me